All my original art available for sale is listed on this web site
All my original art available for sale is listed on this web site
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My Story

I am Mum to a fabulous daughter, Stella. My husband Lee Potter, is an amazing Steel Artist and we have a crazy and funny miniature bull terrier, Lottie. We're a very creative family.

I've been 'making' for as long as I remember…I just LOVE creating art and I have a million ideas to get down yet. I often say the ideas are not the problem...

Ceramics was my major and I minored in jewellery design at Curtin University here in Western Australia. Studying the visual arts was amazing and a very good foundation for my career.

I love being in business and making a living from what I do best - Art! These days I am into painting…acrylics, watercolour and drawing but being a visual artist I have enjoyed moving from one medium to the next….ceramics, jewellery and textiles to name a few. I'm also painting the odd mural, which I really am loving - except when it's too hot (I'm not good in the sun).

The images and paintings I like to create are like little snapshots of my thoughts and of my life. I love colour and the whimsy in life.

There is nothing I enjoy most than someone that's connected with my work and wishes to live with it in their home…it's a fabulous honour for me. 

I am so pleased to be able to offer giclee prints of some of my work, along side original paintings and the opportunity to work with people on their own special commissions- an ideal and exciting balance for me.

If you have any questions, please message me: