All my original art available for sale is listed on this web site
All my original art available for sale is listed on this web site
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Custom Commissions

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 One of my most favourite arty things to do is work with people on a painting idea they have. We start off by having a chat about what you'd like. I may ask if you have a budget in mind…that helps me decide how much time I can spend on the work and what size we can do it. You may have seen another painting done by me and like that style and direction. Photos are a great reference and you can just email them to me and we can talk on the phone or via messages. I've done quite a few commissions that way and it works well. Throughout the process I will send you progress shots or get you to come around and have a look at each stage to make sure we are on the same page. Changes can be made at each stage and I find customers really enjoy being part of the journey.

It's a big thing to entrust an artist to create such important pieces, so I make sure that you are happy with what I'm doing.

I love painting people, pets and even houses. Scroll down to look at all the gorgeous dogs I've been lucky to paint.

Each painting needs to be individually quoted for as lots of elements come into play… like the size and how many people etc. will be in the painting. Giving you a price comes with no obligation and I make the process super easy and comfortable working the money side of things out.

Below are some examples of special commissions and their stories.

Family Portrait in Acrylic Paint

Family Portrait

Once again I spent time with the family taking lots of photos of everyone and kind of pieced this together like a jigsaw puzzle. Some people ask me if I just get everyone together and paint that photo but its not that simple. Firstly, if I did that, you might as well just put a photo on the wall...but what I do is gather lots of important details about each person and figure out how the composition will work.  For example the baby's big sister (at that time) carried her around all the time on her hip. It was a moment in time that we have recorded. The Mum has a favourite scarf and often has one on. That is something that is very familiar about her to the family, so it was important to include.

I'm not mad on jigsaws of the traditional meaning but I LOVE piecing all the info about the family into one big portrait. 

This family has told me often how they discover little things in the painting that they haven't seen before. I take notes and often pick up something they have told me about a person and sneak it in as a surprise.



This was commissioned for Karlas special birthday and I met with Karla, a few of her friends and hubby, Matt. A whole people had put in for the painting so we just went over all the elements that made Karla who she was. I sent photos to Karla at different stages of the portrait to make sure I had things right. I had to correct a bit here and there but mostly we were on the same page.

It was SO exciting when they came to pick up the painting and to see their reactions when it was all framed up and ready to go home with them.

Sofia 2019

 Sofias parent wanted a painting to give to their daughter for her 21st birthday. They didn't quite know what they wanted so we just chatted over the phone a few times and I took notes while Kerry spoke about Sofia. She LOVED her dog, who she had most of her life. She loved travelling, particularly Paris. Always had an off the shoulder top on as well as her much loved doc martins... oh and always wore her hair on the side.  So I just created a scene and combined all these elements to make this meaningful picture thats all about Sofia being 21.

Clements family Portrait 2018

 Many ask me if I'd got the whole family together and took a photo then painted it... really, there'd be no point in that as you'd have a great photographic portrait already. This was my BIGGEST painting yet. About 2.5m x2m and with the most people in it. It was like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle using all the information Andrea gave me about each family member. Then I had to place them and make it work as a composition. It's kind of like a photo, but that's the way I like it...a snapshot in time. I'm super proud of this painting and my client was so happy.

"EVA" 2015  1.2mx70cm Acrylic on linen

This about Eva…An amazing young person who was a delight to photograph and get to know more. I'd actually known her since she was very young. Her parents wanted to capture this very moment…right now, being ten years old and in her familiar surroundings with some of the things she loved best. This include her wonderful little dog, a special top ( with a dream of going to Paris) and her favourite hat ( she LOVES her hats).

One of my goals with a painting a portrait is to imagine when a visitor comes to the clients home and see the painting in its final spot and begins to enjoy the work for its decorative purposes, then suddenly realises it's about someone they know and they then experience a lovely surprise.

I was very honoured to be asked to paint such an important and meaningful snapshot of her life for the family to treasure.


"This painting is one of my greatest treasures. I can not really express in words how fabulous and beautiful it is. You have given me such an extraordinary gift Sharon.xx"

"AMITY ROSE" 2013 1.3mx700cm Acrylic on Linen

This painting was a special commission from one of my childhood friends. Her daughter was turning 21 and she wanted the painting to have very significant and meaningful elements. We just spoke about these and I took my notes. She is looking at her future self as a grown woman while sitting under a special tree that her Father would read her stories by. The other figures are her cheeky brother popping around the tree, a best friend watching close by and a good mate, no longer here. I was able to include her parents in a locket around her neck. A piece she will have all her life and I absolutely loved painting this for her.


"This amazing painting was a gift for our daughters 21st birthday. We wanted it to capture the essence of our daughter over the years and her new journey into adulthood. We knew Sharon could do this and WOW!. The painting contains memories of her love of nature and fairies, her favourite dress that I could never get off her, her beautiful brother, her life long friend, her "wing man"who is looking down on her and the locket containing us - her Mum and Dad. The wise image she is holding is her self and all that she will become. This painting takes pride of place in her home and I see something new every time I visit her. Truly LOVE IT!! Thank you Sharon xxx"

 "WENDY AND HER PETS" 90cm x40cm Acrylic on Linen

 Pictures that were sent as reference for the painting.

When Wendy's (very thoughtful) husband asked me to a painting about Wendy, I just asked him to send me some photos and let me know a bit about her…Once I finished the painting, I just emailed him a photo for his approval and lucky for me he was delighted!


" Recently, I had asked Sharon if she could do a painting about my partner and her pets. I had noted that we had both liked another of Sharon's paintings and we both liked her style. From a few notes and photos, Sharon managed to put together all the characters in an amazingly beautiful picture that today is a source of joy for both of us as well as friends and family. We were surprised how well Sharon catered the essence of many of our pets. It is a mark of Sharon's talent. " From Graham & Wendy


 "FAMILY PORTRAIT" 2014 1.5m800cm acrylic on linen

My friend here had asking me to do a family portrait for a couple of years and I just didn't feel ready to tackle such a big job (for me at the time). They had moved to the USA and when they were visiting Perth, I decided it was time to get started. I was very nervous as I wanted to painting to be fabulous and for them to love it. Well, fortunately for me they were very happy and it looks amazing on their wall in Colorado USA. Another moment captured. 

 "FAMILY PORTRAIT" 2014 2mx70cm Acrylic on Linen

These people are all siblings and their parents wedding photo is included in the frame. My client commissioned me to do this painting for her husbands special birthday. I had already done a painting about her side of the family a few years before ( below), so now it was his turn and about him and his side of the family. We just spoke about each person and I tried to include something about them as well as the likeness. . A bit of fun here and there that only each person would pick up. It was a huge challenge for me but one that made me rise to the occasion and I grew with this painting. I get very nervous before a painting and my husband just shakes his head and suggests a glass of vino to get started. It must be an artists thing…. Any way they were delighted with the end piece and so am I.

 "FAMILY PORTRAIT" 2007 2.2mx2m

I had never met any of these people and was sent a heap of photos. It was the largest painting I had ever tackled and once again, I felt nervous. It was to hang at their beach house so I thought I would have a real fun take on a family scene. Once again I was given a bit of information on each person, like loving champagne, into spiderman and making a pretty good batch of cupcakes. One important family  member was no longer with them, so I included his photo in a locket with his wife. My painting above this one is the other commissioned for this family. Fabulous family and once again, I loved painting this for them.

 " CHARLIE" 2014  90cmx45cm

Charlie does not go anywhere without is "happy" (a special rug given to him by his Aunty). His parents knew that probably wouldn't be the case forever, so we decided to paint him with his two favourite things at the time. The beach is also very important to Charlie, so thats where I placed him. Its so lovely to include important symbols to the person. They will have plenty of pictures of Charlie and his favourite blanket and toy, but one painted snapshot.


This couple had two weddings, one in Hawaii and one in their home town. I created a memory of their Hawaiian wedding on a ceramic tile with a resin matt finish.


This painting was especially for a little person that turned 4 years old. Her sun sign is cancer and she adores mermaids. I had her name professionally engraved on the locket she is holding with a real chain. That was a surprise for her Mum, who loved that special detail. Lots of bling for a little girl but I also wanted her to be able to enjoy this as she got older… so she is quite a grown up mermaid as well.

  PAINTING 1 2016


I painted a picture each for two sisters. Their Mum gave me some info about each of them and along with some photos of the girls, I did a painting that was about them. They both loved it and the best part for me was the fabulous reactions I got to see when they were delivered.

 "SISTERS" 2013  1mx40cm

My client has three beautiful daughters and they all play a musical instrument. She wanted a panting to go above their piano in the music room and she had always loved the whimsical fairies that I do, so she just gave me a bit of info about each daughter and I included them in the painting. The girls will know which figure is who by these little secret bits included.


Behind this painting is a fabulous story…My client was attending a wedding where they really had everything they needed so she came up with the idea of a drawing about them, as their gift. The bride was a fabulous knitter, rode a bike, was wearing blue and was marrying a frenchman. She let the couple organise their own painting and as I 'm told, the gift was a success- they love it!


Dogs are so much fun to paint and capture their personality. I usually need just a few photos sent through and a chat about the fellow in question along with some of other decisions like colour and size etc and off I go! Just email me for a quote.


My miniature bull terrier. I quite like painting bullies…they are a very funny dog.


My sisters pooch… he is hilarious and an important work member to the team. I did this portrait of him as a Christmas gift.

A gorgeous boy kicking back melting into a bean bag.


I love adding texture to dog portraits…it gives a bit of a 3D effect and shows the texture of their fur just nice!

The staffy here is no longer with us, so an extra special portrait.

This lovely old fellow has also gone to doggie heaven and the owners asked me to paint their fur baby in memory of him. Makes it even more special.

 "Tiger pooch" 2014

This fellow is a best mate to his master… His owners girlfriend commissioned me to do a painting of him as a gift. They particularly love his stripy coat and are always down the beach together.