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Murals & Wall Art

I absolutely LOVE painting on walls…inside and outside. It warms my heart and creative soul that so much community art is being included on everything from bus stops to huge common walls that everyone can enjoy. It contributes to the visual richness of the community and is such a wonderful investment.  If you love my work and would like a painting or mural please contact me to discuss your ideas…    hello@sharonpeterkin.com.au

 I have included a few of the murals that I have created and LOVE!


This painting was a gift to my daughter's Primary School. We had such amazing teachers and a lovely experience and I was so grateful for their efforts. It was a pleasure to do and a little bit of long lasting evidence that we were there and not to forget about us! 

MID CENTURY CAFE AND COLLECTABLES  www.mid-centurycafe.com.au

A FABULOUS groovy cafe in Perth where the owner/creator had so many exciting ideas and a fabulous vision for her business. I'm a bit of a retro loving girl, so this was so much fun for me to paint and right up my alley.


Some may think this is very unlike my style but in fact it was another painting that was right up my alley. The accountant gave me the idea and I just ran with it. No frilly girls in this picture. It had to tell a story and it does, ending with the business' mission statement and values. I hope that people will look at it and it'll make them think a little bit. Better than reading a mag while you wait I reckon!


These were my concepts for a fabulous public art commission in one of Perth's laneways in the fashion precinct. It's use has changed nowadays and it's a thoroughfare from one street to the next. I wasn't successful in being chosen on this occasion but what the artists painted was amazing and is a highlight in that area. I really love that these areas are being given attention and new life. Makes a city have character.

A concept drawing for a really great retro shop in Perth. The owner is a vibrant and colourful person that often wore purple. She is an amazing collector of "things" with a keen eye, so I thought she should be on the outside of her building.